CIT is proud to announce the publication of Volume 6(1) of the International Journal of Interpreter Education.  Our special thanks goes to Jemina Napier who has served as editor for the IJIE for the first 6 years.  She is stepping down from this position, though will be helping with transition for new editors to carry on the tradition of publishing innovative research and scholarship on interpreter education from around the globe.
The table of contents is included below.
Click here to view the entire journal.  (Available to CIT members and IJIE subscribers)
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Table of Contents

The Evolution of Interpreter Education Research and Dissemination
Jemina Napier
Research Articles
Improving Psychological Skill in Trainee Interpreters
David P. Atkinson & Ineke H. M. Crezee
Translation and Interpreting Education and Training: Student Voices
Yongjun Mo & Sandra Hale
Professional Interpreter Training in Mainland China: Evolution and Current Trends
Cheng Zhan
 Interpreter Boot Camp: Working Toward Achieving Interpreter Standards
Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Sue Ann Houser, & Brian Morrison
 Open Forum
Book Review: Introduction to Healthcare for Interpreters and Translators
Doug Bowen-Bailey
Book Review: Advances in Interpreting Research  
George Major