Janis: Hello Anna

Anna: Hello!

Janis: Wonderful to see you.

Anna: Same, Love you!

Janis: We have known each other for so many years. It goes way back to 1975, right?

Anna: 1975 was the start of it all – yes.

Janis: We certainly have come a long way since, looking back, you have done a lot and contributed a lot to the profession of interpreting. One of which, in particular, is your contributions to CIT.

Anna: Yes, that’s right. During several RID conventions before the inception of CIT, people who were involved with training interpreters would gather to discuss interests, we felt we needed a space of our own, a place where we could talk about ideas for teaching, a place to share resources with each other. So, the idea started years before. Then in 1978, Becky Carson from TVI in Saint Paul, we had been in touch often and we would discuss their admissions process, number of incoming students, classroom activities, summer school trainings, etc. NTID would do the same, we would share our teachings and ideas with others.

Anna: On an organizational level, I felt that was a bit different than within our work. Because at the organizational level with our policies and procedures, our operational philosophy and how we behaved as an organization that demonstrates our value for diversity, for justice, for equity, for that, we still have a long way to go. At the same time, that social justice aspect influenced my work as an interpreter in terms of how I behave or how I respond, or how I make decisions.

Anna: I applaud our many volunteer leaders who have been involved in carrying forward CIT to what it has become today. An amazing accomplishment. And leaders are extremely humbling, and wonderful and I’d say, keep going! Never stop as an organization, as members, never stop learning and growing and at times confronting and resolving.

Anna: The spirit of curiosity, the spirit of unity. For example, you asked how it represents me to the organization, that is an interesting thought. Perhaps, being a co-author with various individuals more so than the writing as a solo author bring aliveness. That’s’ true. However, collaborating on articles with diverse perspectives is truly wonderful. That is one of the things that I’m mostly proud of in our community sharing and brainstorming ideas, thoughts, and insights together. I think members of CIT would embody curiosity as well. People who are curious, a desire to share knowledge, learn, grow and always thrive to be a fine interpreter.