Our Mission

CIT’s mission is to empower educators (teachers, mentors, language models, workshop presenters, researchers, etc.) as they prepare interpreters to work effectively with the wider society in which Deaf people live.

Vision Statement

CIT fosters the continued development of quality interpreter education in order to serve the diverse needs of the Deaf community. CIT and its members adhere to the following values. We:
  • Recognize Deaf peoples’ linguistic rights and that languages and cultures are not static.
  • Exist within the larger communities we serve and are actively engaged in cultural dialogues and interactions.
  • Promote communities who have been, and continue to be, marginalized to work towards removing barriers that exist because of attitudes, beliefs, and systems that are oppressive and cause harm.
  • Recruit educators and future interpreters who are representative of the communities with whom we work.
  • Support critical thinking, research, excellent teaching/learning practices, activism, networking and community building in order to ensure that interpreter educators and students are engaged in the real-world experiences.
  • Adhere to standards, ethics, teaching practices and curriculum that develop interpreters who are qualified, compassionate, engaged, silent, and cross-culturally aware.
  • Adhere pedagogy that leads the interpreting practices that are based on the norms and values embraced by Deaf communities.