Is Your IEP Taking Advantage of These Opportunities?

The VRS Interpreting Institute (VRSII) provides innovative educational experiences that empower interpreter educators and interpreters to achieve professional excellence. Read more below about upcoming opportunities at the VRSII. To see all educational offerings, visit

May 15 – 17 Educator Empowerment Series class

“Instructional Design for Interpreter Education: Designing and Delivering Courses to Make a Difference”   Instructor: Dr. Len Roberson, University of North Florida

This workshop will explore principles and evidence-based practices of effective instructional design. Participants will examine models of instructional design and learn how to develop learner outcomes, align outcomes with instructional and learning activities and assessments and integrate effective practices for learning into courses. Visit to learn more.

SorensoSVRS IEP Award of Excellencen VRS Excellence and Innovation in Interpreting Education Award

Each year, Sorenson recognizes one outstanding IEP that exceeds typical educational standards, leverages technology and incorporates interaction with the Deaf community in its program. The award is open to all two- and four-year degree-granting IEPs in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.
The winning IEP will receive a grant to be reinvested in their program according to an approved spending plan; a credit to be used for direct purchase of training materials; a paid trip for two IEP directors or instructors to attend and be recognized at the 2016 Conference of Interpreter Trainers convention and a weekend trip to the VRSII’s Innovator’s Showcase workshop in Salt Lake City.
Submit an application today and compete for the recognition your IEP deserves. Applications will be accepted through July 31, 2015. To learn more, visit