whatnextIt is Friday morning and I am sitting back in Duluth.  (I will soon be on the road to the celebration of my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary celebration.)
I just wanted to post a note that I will be sharing a few more postings.  One more will be more of a reporting of the portion of the panel I attended on Instituting Reflective Practice with Robyn Dean, Kathleen Holcombe, and Danny Maffia.
Additionally, I will spend some time doing some reflection of my own and then share some more of the nuggets of learning and insight that I derived from my experience of Critical Link International.
Finally, I wanted to thank everyone who let me know that they were reading the blog and appreciating it.  (A big shout out to all of those who are reading this in Norway!  It’s great to know that this is helpful to those of you around the globe who couldn’t attend.  Tusen takk.)
Also, if anyone else who attended would like to share a post, I would be glad to help facilitate this.  My perspective is just one of many, and so it would be great to have other insights shared here, too.  Additionally, if there is anyone whose sessions I attended and reported on who feels there is something inaccurate or something missing that should be included, feel free to contact me to make that change.  (Or sign in and comment.) This all happened at a pretty rapid rate, so the editorial standards are pretty low. Know that what I shared was with the intent of broadening the impact of the conference and all who helped to make it so powerful.
Anyway, more will be coming – just at a slower pace over the course of the next week or so.