by Stephanie Jo Kent
A few years ago, a talk I gave at the 2013 Interpret America Summit captured some attention. In his summary of the Summit (July 1, 2013), Doug Bowen-Bailey mentioned: “CIT member Stephanie Jo Kent was part of an Interpret-ED Talks series in which she shared her thoughts on the Real Value of Interpreting.” I was honored that the International Association of Conference Interpreting (AIIC) wanted to post a transcript of the talk on their blog, but the transcript alone doesn’t give the full flavor because I relied heavily on an animated powerpoint to visualize the information.
I’m happy to let you know that the original audio of the talk (and some video) has been merged with the powerpoint slides, and captions have been added. Now you can watch the visual images appear at the right time in the script. An ASL version is in process; it is being developed as part of a unique, new course for the field of interpretation practice and research to be taught online by Steph this fall (2015). Watch for the trailers!