by Doug Bowen-Bailey
CIT Webmaster

English Version

Screen Shot of new Home page
If you are looking at this article on the web site, you will see that the CIT web site has a new look.  We have switched over from a site created offline with changes uploaded to the internet to an internet based one using WordPress.
This new format not only gives the site a fresh look, but will allow for a significant improvement in functionality as well as supporting multiple people being contributors. Our online membership database software integrates with WordPress in a way that should allow for us to make our web site easier to maintain and update and even more of a benefit for members.  Additionally, the site is now much more mobile-friendly.  So, you can more easily view it on a tablet or phone.

A Caveat

Because of the volume of information on the CIT web site, particular past newsletters, proceedings, and volumes of the International Journal of Interpreter Education, it has not been possible to have all of the information transferred over into the new format yet.  With the option of waiting until everything was changed over, or starting with the new format and maintaining the old web site for a period as information is transferred, the Technology committee decided to run both web sites on an interim basis.  A primary reason for this is that the new web site will allow for sharing information about the conference more rapidly and as we move to the time when conference registration will open, we wanted to be able to use this new platform without having to wait for getting everything moved over.

Your Help and Patience Needed

As with any new technology, there are bound to be glitches.  As a low-budget, volunteer-driven organization, we do not have the resources to go through and check to make sure that everything works seamlessly.  So, we recognize that there will be issues that arise in moving to this new format.  Our request is that if you find something that doesn’t work, please send an e-mail to and alert me to the issue.
Some of the information is restricted to members only and I have done some testing, but am not sure that this transition will work smoothly.  So, I am particularly interested if you as a member find that you are not able to access something that is available to members-only.
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