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VRS Interpreting Institute
Hello from the VRS Interpreting Institute (VRSII)!
Launch your new year by taking advantage of these opportunities, offered by the VRSII.
Earn a Master’s Degree. Are you interested in obtaining your master’s degree or teaching interpreting at the college or university level? Check out the distance-learning master’s program, offered through a partnership with the VRSII and the University of North Florida.
IEP Award of Excellence. Don’t miss your opportunity to spotlight your Interpreter Education Program (IEP) through The Excellence and Innovation in Interpreter Education Award. This award recognizes innovative IEPs that surpass the standard in interpreter education.
School-to-Work Program. Encourage your IEP graduates to apply for the VRSII’s School-to-Work Program (STW). Feb. 12 is the application deadline for the summer session. STW is a unique, eight-week immersion program that bridges the gap from IEP graduation to professional interpreting.
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We hope to see you soon at the VRSII.
Dr. Carolyn Ball
Executive Director
VRS Interpreting Institute