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CIT is pleased to announce that the International Journal of Interpreter Education Volume 7(2) is now available for viewing.  Thanks to the contributors, as well as IJIE editors, George Major and Ineke Creze, for creating this resource that shares many insights, including into discussions on the role of interpreter education in the midst of refugee crises.
We are still in process of compiling the complete PDF, but that will be ready soon.  A reminder that this is the last issue that will be available to be ordered as a printed and bound copy.

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Table of Contents


The Voice of Interpreter Educators

Research Articles

Reaping the Benefits of Vicarious Trauma
Formalizing Community Interpreting Standards


Recommendations for Interpreter Training for Asylum Interview Settings: The South Korean Case
Storied Classrooms: Narrative Pedagogy in American Sign Language–English Interpreter Education

Open Forum

The Asylum Crisis in Europe and the Case of Belgium
Interview: Interpreter Consumer and Deaf Advocate Filip Verstraete

Dissertation Abstracts

Click here to view Volume 7(2)