Jimmy Beldon headshot wearing CIT shirtby Jimmy Beldon
CIT Vice-President

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Hello, I’m Jimmy Beldon, Vice President of CIT.
This weekend the CIT Board met in Lexington, Kentucky to discuss several things, one of the most significant being the passing of the new Bylaws; this in turn led to getting to work on revising the PPM, which was quite outdated. It seems it was last revised in 1992. There have been minor changes made since that time, but it is unknown exactly when they were done; one example of outdated policy we found was mention of regional representatives, which was removed for the 2016 version. There was a significant amount of work done! Also, the Director’s roles were revised; there were some duties in the updated Bylaws that were not yet reflected in the PPM and needed to be added. While the positions remain the same, the duties shown in the PPM offer a more defined explanation of what the roles entail. If you are thinking of applying for a particular position or want to know more about what a Director does, you will be able to look to the PPM for more information. There is still work to be done, and we will continue revising the PPM, which we hope to complete prior to the upcoming conference. Revising the PPM is an ongoing process, which is why it is considered a living document; in the event that a particular situation arises that calls for restructuring of duties, the flexibility of the PPM allows for adjustment more so than the Bylaws. This has been an exciting process as we work toward refining CIT toward more effective practices.
Another exciting announcement I’d like to make regarding our meeting here in Kentucky is in regards to the Bylaws. The older 2010 version was restructured and sent out for member voting, which passed with approval; there were 6 opposing and 97 supporting votes, for a total of 103 votes. The document will now officially become the 2016 Bylaws and will be made public soon. The 2010 version will remain posted for you to read through as a comparison, and you will be able to see the improvements made for efficacy. There were some minor revisions made to typos and errors in phrasing: Voting Members was rephrased as Voting Membership, Associate Members should have been Associate Membership, and the same for Organizational Membership; these changes were made to maintain consistency in language. There were also a few points regarding voting that were unclear; for example, voting privileges may have appeared to apply to all membership types when it really is only designated to Voting Membership. To clarify this, “Voting Membership” was added to delineate this distinction. A few other minor revisions were made for similar clarification. I am very excited about the new Bylaws moving forward and giving you the opportunity to follow up on these changes. If you have any questions, please let me know. As Vice President, one of my duties is to put a call out for Bylaws, which I will be doing in the near future. If you have anything you would like to share with me, please feel free to send a letter to me at vp@cit-asl.org.
Another one of my duties is nominations for positions to be voted in at the conference this October. The new Bylaws state that during the odd-numbered conference years, this year being the 11th conference (an odd number), the positions of Vice President and Treasurer are up for voting. If you are interested in joining the hiring committee, please let me know by May 1st. From here, you can begin planning the recruitment and call for candidacy for the positions of Vice President and Treasurer.
Members, if you are considering either of these positions, watch for the call for candidacy to be sent out by the committee!