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Dear Professional Interpreter:
As a doctorate student in the School of Behavioral Sciences at Liberty University, I am conducting research as part of the requirements for a doctorate degree. The purpose of my research is to better understand the current state and influential factors of the mental health of professional ASL/English interpreters, and I am writing to invite to participate in my study.
If you are 18 years of age or older, and work 31 hours or more per week as a professional ASL/English interpreter (CDIs are welcome!!), and are willing to participate, you will be asked to go to a website and complete four short surveys. It should take approximately 30 minutes of your time.  Your participation will be completely anonymous, and no personal, identifying information will be collected.
To participate simply click on the link provided below.  Follow the prompts to complete a consent form, as well as the attached survey packet.  The consent document contains additional information about my research.  Please click on the survey link at the end of the consent information to indicate that you have read the consent information and would like to take part in the survey.  The site will then open the surveys.
If you choose to participate, you will be given the opportunity to participate in a drawing for one of three $150 Amazon gift cards!
Nicole Thorn, MA, MA, CI, CT
Associate Professor, Director of the ASL and Interpreting program at Liberty University

Follow this link to the Survey:

Take the Survey
Or copy and paste the URL below into your internet browser: