Richard Laurion
by Richard Laurion
CIT Treasurer

English Version

Hello CIT!  Plans for the conference are in full swing and demanding much of the Board’s attention.  I’ve been doing my level-best to make sure all our decisions follow the budget we outlined for this event.  As of today, I think we’re doing a pretty good job and I look forward to sharing our annual financial statement with you in Portland.
In the meantime let me share one of the major accomplishments, I officially moved our accounts online.  As an accounting tool we use Quickbooks and had for years depended on the software being transferred between Treasurer’s computers as the office changed.  As you can imagine that was not the most stable situation.  Our books were backed up for protection, however there was limited access and we risked something happening to CIT’s financial information.  With the movement of our accounts to an online platform, we’ve gained stability and increased access to our financial information.  It is now possible for the future Treasurer, Director of Membership or whomever we designate to have access to financial documents.  And if in the future we so choose, we can start taking credit card payment directly through Quickbooks and not go through PayPal as the intermediary.
I look forward to discuss this change and others with you in Portland. See you there!