Patricia Lessard headshot wearing CIT shirtby Patty Lessard
CIT Treasurer

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Good morning,
The Board is here in Kentucky getting things ready for the upcoming conference next Fall. Many things to take care of as the time gets closer!
I will now provide you all with the Treasurer’s Report for this quarter – January, February and March:
In our Business Checking account, we currently have $13,671.51.
In our Business Savings account, we currently have $172,293.52 with the understanding that I have set aside a large portion of that for the expenses that we will incur for the upcoming conference this October. Will I see you there???
The total at this time is $185,965.03.
I have some good news to share as well! RIT/NTID has generously agreed to sponsor the Opening Ceremony at the conference this October! They have given us a check for $5,000.00. Thank you RIT/NTID!
Look forward to seeing you all here in Kentucky!