Richard LaurionA Report from the Treasurer

Richard Laurion

English Version

Hello Folks!  Happy spring . . . or, if you’re like those of us living in the upper midwest and east coast – you may be praying that spring will eventually show its face.  This has been a long winter and I am looking forward to the change of season.
Included in this newsletter is the most recent snapshot (balance sheet) of our accounts.  As you can see, we have a healthy balance for an association our size.  This board is very aware we are managing your money and we try to spend it when needed and wisely.
Evidence of our conservative habits was present at the recent face-to-face board meeting.  Once again, Cindy and Shawn Volk were extraordinarily kind to open their home for our three-day face-to-face meeting.  The Volks’ provided us rooms to sleep and space to meet and plan for the 2014 Fall Conference.
You may have seen some of the activities in the different YouTube videos floating around.  We strategically saved money by not going out to eat and instead made most of our meals.  A very special treat and team building exercise was when Samond Bishara treated everyone to a lesson on making sushi.  The board all chipped in on the cost of food and supplies for the experience.  I won’t be applying for any chef positions anytime soon.