Richard Laurion

by Richard Laurion


As you can see from our balance sheet, CIT is in good financial health.  We are at the end of our fiscal year and at the typical low point for our accounts.  Our primary revenue source is membership dues and new funding does not start to roll in until the new membership year begins November 1st. .  So our financial accounts should increase as we move into the New Year and continue our plans for the 2014 Conference.
The new membership year will also begin the option for members to pay dues for two years at a time.  This option was created as a membership convenience and as a way to better balance our accounts across the convention and non-convention years.
Speaking of our conference, I believe we’ve made an excellent choice in hotel facilities for Portland 2014.  The hotel is one of the most convenient to the airport, downtown, restaurants and shopping venues in the Rose District and yet very affordable.  You’ll be hearing much more about conference soon and so I’ll just say, until next time – thank you for your continued support of CIT.
Balance Statement Oct 2013