As registration co-chair, I haven’t had much of an opportunity (yet) to get out and partake of the conference.   As a committee member, it has made me very glad that we have the streaming option because it has made the conference more accessible both far and near.  Yes, we’ll be watched in Australia and other places around the globe.  (Shout out to Karen and Della.)  But it also made it possible for us in the registration room to listen in and watch from down the hall.
Here’s a screen shot of what last night’s keynote from Dr. Alan Hurwitz looked like:

Many people expressed interest in seeing Dr. Hurwitz presentation again.  We are working on making that happen.  It also looks like the presentation will be translated into Chinese and shared in a blog back in China.  How’s that for CIT going global?
This morning, I was in the registration area during Mark Taylor’s presentation, but have heard really wonderful comments from participants during the breaks and at lunch how he provided really good information and suggestions.
I was listening as much as I could to the online stream, though I am looking forward to going into the archives to view it in its entirety when I have more time and focus.
If you were able to attend, it would be great if you would post some comments here about what you gleaned from his presentation?  How true did his descriptions of the generations ring for you?  What were the most salient of suggestions for your teaching practice?
It would be great if people would share some of your insights and thoughts here on the blog.

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