by Cynthia Roy, Betsy Winston, Paul Harrelson, Annie Marks, Chan Yi Hin, Jeremy Rodgers, Kimberly Bates, Kimberly Boeh, Stephen Fitzmaurice


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A new generation of researchers is examining teaching practices and learner experiences integrating evidence-based research practices into education. Paul Harrelson, Annie Marks and Chan Yi-Hin provide a meta-review of evidence-based practices that support role-play activities in interpreter education. Jeremy Rogers, Kimberly Bates, and Kimberly Boeh guide us through explorations of learner experiences: Deaf student interpreters’ experiences in existing interpreting programs; 2) hearing students’ experiences dealing with and managing anxiety and success; and 3) mentees experiences with and valuing of mentoring. Stephen Fitzmaurice shares the success of infusing self-assessment throughout an interpreting program. These presentations share a common theme-the experiences and learning environments of students as they progress toward entry into our field. Each of the authors represents a new group of educators who represent a growing mastery of the set of standards for interpreter educators, including a knowledge of adult education, interpreter education, and research practices.
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Proceedings of the 2018 Biennial Conference

Reaching New Heights in Interpreter Education: Mentoring, Teaching & Leadership