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Hello, my name is Larry Gray and I am a doctoral candidate at Argosy University Online.
My dissertation is titled, “American Sign Language Program Administrators on the Status of American Sign Language Programs in Higher Education”.
For this demographics survey, I am seeking research participants who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and are program coordinators of ASL programs in higher education.  Participants who meet the criteria for the study will be contacted for two rounds of recorded interviews that will not be shared publicly.
Please share or tag friends and colleagues who should participate in this survey.
Thank you!
Larry Gray
SurveyMonkey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VG2ZDF2


To participate in this study, a personal email and not a work email must be used. If potential participants do not have a personal email, please setup a Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, or other personal email account before responding to this posting. Any responses sent to the principal researcher via a potential participant’s work/organization email address will not be considered for the study. In addition, by responding to this posting, potential participants who become participants acknowledge that any responses made regarding the study are the participant’s personal opinions and are not the opinions of the participant’s employer organization. Participants further acknowledge understanding this study is not targeting any particular organization but is seeking industry knowledge from professionals in the industry.