Dave J. Coyne[1]
University of Louisville
Joseph Hill[2]
Rochester Institute of Technology


This paper presents a social justice online module designed by Dr. Dave Coyne and Dr. Joseph Hill which is hosted by the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Center (NCIEC). The social justice module is organized into five sections that include both resources and activities for effective teaching and assessment strategies. Emphasizing a social justice thread within interpreting programs supports interpreting students’ learning while encouraging them to develop multicultural competencies, specifically sociopolitical consciousness as well as methods of understanding social and cultural identities.
Keywords: social justice, interpreting education, NCIEC, infusion models.

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[1] Correspondence to: dave.coyne@louisville.edu
[2] Correspondence to: jchnss@rit.edu
2016 Biennial Conference – Out of the Gate, Towards the Triple Crown: Research, Learn, & Collaborate