Dr Ineke Crezee, Auckland University of Technology
Dr Lynn Grant, Auckland University of Technology
Dr Linda Hand, University of Auckland

Auckland University of TechnologyBringing ‘practice’ into the classroom can be a problem for health interpreter educators around the world. At Auckland University of Technology, Dr Ineke Crezee and Dr Lynn Grant are currently using audiovisual clips taken from reality television programmes featuring ambulance paramedics in their interpreting practice.
Dr Crezee and her colleague Dr Linda Hand from the Department of Speech Sciences at the University of Auckland have introduced the concept of ‘shared preprofessional practice’ into her training programmes by having shared sessions with postgraduate speech science students. Working through roughly scripted scenarios enables student interpreters and speech therapists to experience possible issues that may come up in interpreter-mediated speech therapy sessions. Student response to both the audiovisual interpreting practice clips and the shared preprofessional practice has been overwhelmingly positive.
For more information on these proejct, please contact Dr Crezee at ineke.crezee@aut.ac.nz.