From CM Hall, Co-Director

Greetings from DBI:
DeafBlind Interpreting National Training & Resource Center!

We are excited to share 2 links with you and hope you can help us with quick turnout on these. We need your help for our Needs Assessment Survey (closes 10/15) and focus group invitations to interpreters (Deaf and hearing) that are taking place next week.

Focus Groups:

DBI is on a quick deadline to conduct focus groups of interpreters who work with DeafBlind people. We have focus groups taking place next week for Deaf interpreters and hearing interpreters. The Deaf interpreter/interpreter educator focus groups will be via video online. The hearing interpreter/interpreter educator focus groups will be via phone conference. Would you be willing to help us and share this invitation with your interpreters contacts?
Focus Group Invitation Link:

Needs Assessment Survey:

We also just sent a mass e-blast asking for folks to fill out our DeafBlind Needs Assessment Survey. That survey isn’t only for interpreters but for anyone who is or works with DeafBlind folks. Interpreters who apply to be in a focus group can also fill out this online needs assessment survey. But our deadlines are *quick* — so hopefully we can get as many of you to help share with your networks and encourage folks to reply. The survey closes on 10/15.
DeafBlind Needs Assessment Survey:
Thank you for any help you can offer!!!