Surveys, Surveys, Surveys: Your Opinioin and Perspective Matters

Let’s face it, CIT members have great opinions and perspectives. So, it’s no surprise that people want to know what you’re thinking. Gathered here are three surveys looking for input from our membership. Please take some time to share your opinion.
Technology | Entrance & Exit Screening Practices | CIT Demographics

Technology Survey

The CIT Technology Committee asks you to please take a few minutes to respond to a brief confidential survey so that we might better assess the needs for communication & technology of our membership. Special thanks to Windell “Wink” Smith for creating the ASL version of the survey on a very short timeline. Greatly appreciated.
Click here to fill out the survey.


Portland Community College Seeks Information About Entrance & Exit Practices

Please participate in this short survey!
We are conducting a survey of interpreting programs in the United States to learn about the most common practices relating to entrance and exit screenings. Please take a few minutes to respond. Your participation is much appreciated!
The closing date for this survey is May 10th.
The survey can be found here:
The results will be used for curriculum updates and Portland Community College will also share them with CIT members in the future. For more information, contact:

Xenia Woods
Department Chair, ASL/ITP/Deaf Studies
Portland Community College


CIT Demographic Survey

CIT is again collecting demographic information about members. This is used to both provide information for researchers who are looking at our profession, as well providing CIT with information about what our members are looking for in terms of professional development. All information collected in this demographic survey is anonymous. Please fill it out only once. (Estimated time: 5 mins)
Click here to fill out the Demographic Survey.