CIT Online Meeting
July 12, 2016
Meeting called to order at 8:05 pm Eastern time by Vice President Beldon.

Present: Jimmy Beldon, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Jeremy Rogers, Kim Kurz, Kellie Stewart, Carole Lasorisak and Patty Lessard
Unexcused: Leslie Greer and Kimberly Hale

Vice President Beldon:

  1. Conference Interpreters – dead line is approaching for request for accommodations for interpreters. We are waiting to see who needs the accommodations so we can provide them based on need. We will make final decisions at the next board meeting
  2. Call for nominations committee and call for nominations were sent out.
  3. Mary Stotler award was July 1. Nominations were to be sent to RId- Jimmy will follow up with RID to see if any nominations were submitted.

Secretary Bentley-Sassaman:

  1. June meeting minutes approval
  2. action items
  3. possible conference sites 2020 – Jacksonville, FL; Rochester, NY; Minneapolis/ St. Paul, MN; CSUN; Gallaudet

Treasurer Lessard Report:

  1. we can have a separate checking account within out bank account and it will not affect our non-profit status.

I move that the board approve opening a specific sub-account for the purpose of conferences. P. Lessard / C. Lazorisak, passed unanimously

  1. Checking $41,540.52

Savings: $139,623.00
Total: $181,163.72
Director of:
Communication and Technology Kurz:

  1. Follow up with Doug about two documents –
  2. for A-Z directions for making a video to uploading it to Word Press including the translation
  3. Making an English post on Word Press

Membership Stewart:

  1. Members as of July

Full Memberships = 262
Associate = 34
International = 49
Retired = 7
Institutional =  15
Professional Development Lazorisak:

  1. Conference: Updates & Follow-ups
  2. KCDHH – $900.00 – The check has not yet arrived. Once it does, we will send a thank you letter.
  3. Overflow rooms – Hyatt will have overflow rooms
  4. Volunteers – Need to follow up on this
  5. Bus for the event – the bus is reserved. We will put it on the CIT credit card to reserve.
  6. Codes – for the board and interpreters to register for the conference.
  7. AV and Street Leverage – Jeremy followed up with Brandon about what SL needs for the conference. Jeremy will send Carole the contract for SL.
  8. Policy for conference staff – we need to put this in PPM as to what CIT will cover.

Public Relations and Outreach Rogers:

  1. Street Leverage – Jeremy talked with Brandon and they are finalizing the contract. We have 4 rooms reserved for SL.


  1. Jeremy will make videos of the Lexington area as advertisement for the CIT conference.
  2. There is a limit of 13 tables for the conference so keeping that in mind as preparing
  3. sponsorship options for the conference various categories
    1. possible in kind donations – such as an ITP paying for a student sport staff’s flight to help save CIT costs. The conference committed will be responsible for choosing the student reps

Research and Publications Hale:
No report provided
Open comments
Carole will be gone the most of October so she needs a back up to make decisions for her leading up to the conference. She will be away September 28 to the Sunday before the conference October 23.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm Eastern by Vice President Beldon