Jessica Bentley-Sassaman headshot wearing CIT shirtby Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
CIT Secretary
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Hello CIT members, I am Jessica Bentley-Sassaman the CIT secretary. This past October CIT had an amazing conference. I enjoyed all the learning and networking that I did at the conference, I hope you did too. While at the conference I took down the business meeting minutes during our business meeting. A draft of the meeting minutes are posted on the CIT website for you to approve. In two years at the CIT conference in Salt Lake City, Utah we will vote on the meeting minutes. If you missed the business meeting, you can see what was discussed and what motions were made by reading theĀ draft of the meeting minutes.
Now the semester is wrapping up and you are off, preparing for the next semester. I hope you enjoy your time off and enjoy the holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. Enjoy yourself and Happy New Year!