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Request for Proposals for 

International Sign Conference Interpreting Services

The CONFERENCE OF INTERPRETER TRAINERS, (hereinafter referred to as “CIT”) invites you to submit a proposal to provide International Sign (IS) Conference Interpreting Services for the 2020 Biennial CIT conference to be held from August 12-15, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
All vendors must be RID certified in good standing. Coordinator must be onsite during the entire conference. The coordinator is required to work with the CIT Board and the Conference Chair. 

Duties include:

  1. Work closely with CIT Board and Conference Chair during the planning, scheduling, and procuring interpreters. The coordinator is required to give projected costs and work with the board and its budget, and the board must approve the projected costs to align with the conference budget and terms of payments and expenses for the IS interpreters. 
  2. Review and select a team of skilled IS conference interpreters. 
  3. Collected documents will be filed in the Conference folder in Google Drive.
  4. Collect biographies and photographic headshots in the Conference folder in the Google Drive for the Program Book.
  5. Set up a schedule of assignments for the conference, including special events and luncheons with a copy sent to the Conference Coordinator.
  6. Collect presentation materials and distribute them to interpreters for preparation.
  7. Collect travel receipts and invoices from interpreters and invoice the CIT Treasurer by a due date determined by the CIT Board
  8. Submit a final report at the end of the conference by a due date determined by the CIT Board.

Vendors may use subcontractors and will indemnify and save harmless the Conference of Interpreter Trainers.
Vendors selected to provide interpreter services must meet the requirements below to ensure that language and other communication barriers do not prevent families from accessing needed services. 

Evaluation of Proposals

All responsive proposals will be evaluated against the stated criteria. However, this does not preclude the CIT from any discussions/negotiations or requests for a best and final offer that it may deem necessary to assist in determining the vendor. CIT may consider such factors as accepted industry standards and a comparative evaluation of all other qualified RFP responses in terms of differing price, quality, and contractual factors to determine the most advantageous offering to CIT.
CIT reserves the right to request a “best and final offer” for this RFP based on price/cost alone, from one or more vendors if additional information is required to make a final decision. Vendors may be contacted asking that they submit their “best and final offer,” which must include any and all discussed and/or negotiated changes.
CIT further reserves the right to negotiate with any vendor whose proposal is within the competitive range, as specified in the RFP with respect to technical plan and cost, as well as to select a vendor other than the vendor offering the lowest price.
Selection of a proposal shall not be binding upon CIT and may or may not, at CIT’s sole discretion, result in the CIT entering into a contract with the vendor if it is in the best interest of CIT not to proceed with contract execution.


All vendors must submit the following:

  1. What certification(s) and membership(s) it holds with professional interpretation and translation associations, and the effective date of each. 
  2. Resumes highlighting interpreter coordinating experience, as well as, conference and platform interpreting experience.
  3. Information on  how the IS interpreters  will be selected and screened.
  4. Vendors’ contact information, including email address and contact information.
  5. All charges, including but not limited to, cost of labor, travel and other costs or expenses related per interpreter.

Late Proposals

Regardless of cause, late proposals will not be accepted and will automatically be disqualified from further consideration. It shall be the Vendor’s sole risk to assure delivery by email at by the designated time. Late proposals will not be reviewed.
All applications must be received by: January 31, 2020 

Point of Contact

From the date this Request for Proposal (RFP) is issued until the vendor selection is announced, all communication must be directed to the CIT Treasurer.   Vendors must submit one (1) proposal by email in PDF format to:
Stephen Fitzmaurice
CIT Treasurer