by Doug Bowen-Bailey
CIT webmaster
For a number of years, I have been creating this quarterly newsletter that was designed to support interpreter educators in transitioning to using more digital resources in their practice.  With the onset of physical distancing, and so much of life and education moving rapidly online, everyone is getting a crash course – and my experience with digital resources and online learning are being called upon in a number of settings so I don’t have the time I would like to devote to this column and newsletter.

CIT Online Learning Discussion Forum

First of all, I want to thank Dr. Betsy Winston for creating this Canvas Course where interpreter educators can share with each other ideas for how to make this transition. Betsy is curating the forum – and so there are ideas about accessible ASL resources, video conference options, approaches to “emergency remote teaching,” and more.  CIT is very grateful to people who are sharing in the forum, but particularly to Betsy for her work in holding it all together.

Here are two more resources that are out there that might be helpful.