Project Title: Transitioning and Thriving: Pathways of Resilience in Deaf Youth

Principal Investigator: Heather G. Zimmerman 

Address: Gallaudet University, 800 Florida Ave NE, #1520, Washington, DC 20002


Department: Education

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Helen Thumann

Good Day, 

I’m a Ph.D. student In the Dept. of Education at Gallaudet and I’m working on my dissertation. This IRB approved study is titled “Transitioning and Thriving: Pathways of Resilience in Deaf Youth”. I am researching the ways in which deaf young adults experience resilience. This research will build upon the resilience research, and will help inform how to establish and strengthen more productive adaptive systems in schools and programs. 

I’m reaching out to you because you may be interested in being a Key Informant for this study, or know someone who might be interested in being a Participant in this study. (Please feel free to pass this email along to people who might like to be a key informant or participant). 

Who are the KEY INFORMANTS: 

· Adults (over 31 years old) 

· Work with youth (not limited to: parent, religious/spiritual leader, teacher/professor, administrator/staff, advocate/counselor/social worker, etc.) in some capacity 

· Help provide insight and let POTENTIAL participants know about the study. NOTE: This helps protect participant’s privacy.  

Who are the PARTICIPANTS: 

· Youth (ages 18-30) who are:

· From different cultures Western (from a Western nation: North America, Western European, or developed country) and Non-Western (i.e. recently immigrated to the USA in the last 5 years from a developing country).

· Face at least two culturally significant adversities which may be internal or external: Internal (or biological) risks can include but are not limited to:  congenital conditions, low birth weight, addiction, mental illness, and disability. External (or environmental) risks include, but are not limited to the following: poverty, war, social dislocation, cultural disintegration or genocide, violence, marginalization (due to race, religion, orientation, etc.) family breakdown, and early pregnancy.

· AND, doing well despite being placed at risk. 

If you are interested this study please contact me and we can discuss the possibilities in a convenient manner (email, facetime, videophone, face to face, etc.).