A Research Study by Su Isakson

I am a graduate student at Western Oregon University in the College of Education working toward my Master of Arts degree in Interpreting Studies under the supervision of Amanda Smith. I am conducting a research study for the purpose of understanding the various affective factors that may impact Heritage Signing students’ learning in interpreter training programs. The results of this study will be used to fulfill the partial graduation requirement of a master’s thesis.
Eligible: Heritage Signers age 18 and over. A Heritage Signer for the purposes of this study is defined as someone who:
• Was raised by deaf parent(s)
• Used or understood sign language within the home with varying degree of fluency
You are invited to participate in a research study focusing on the educational needs of Heritage Signers. Little research has been done to understand the instructional needs of Heritage Signers, by contributing to this research effort, your insight and experiences can guide education of Heritage Signers toward a more effective practice.