by Tom Holcomb


 The focus of this endnote address is to spotlight the key points that were made throughout the conference from the “Deaf Eyes” angle. In addition, the concept of DEAM (Deaf Dream Team) will be introduced as it applies to interpreting and interpreter education. With this concept, Deaf people work closely with interpreters in utilizing specific techniques that are effective in supporting their participation in interpreted sessions as well as their clearer understanding of the intended interpreted messages. It is hoped that the participants will leave the conference feeling inspired, motivated, and encouraged to explore ways to upgrade the experience for both Deaf people and interpreters involved in interpreted settings. Ultimately, the goal is to be able to educate the next generation of interpreters who will be well-prepared to respond to the needs of an increasingly sophisticated group of Deaf people who are aspiring to greater heights in their professional and personal pursuits. 
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Proceedings of the 2018 Biennial Conference

Reaching New Heights in Interpreter Education: Mentoring, Teaching & Leadership