by Betsy Winston


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Certification of Interpreter Educators is long past due! We demand certified interpreters and ASL teachers. But, we make no such demands of ourselves. Certifying interpreter educators can provide the community and our institutions with some assurance that interpreter educators have the qualifications needed to prepare students for our very difficult profession. It is time for us to “practice what we preach” and to expect from ourselves what we expect from others – certification of interpreting educators! 
This presentation intends to 1) share various existing resources (e.g. Effective Practices for Teaching Interpreting: Domains and Competencies 2005) for establishing certification standards for interpreting educators, and 2) explore practical approaches for certifying interpreter educators, such as the recently revised model offered by our esteemed sister organization, ASLTA. Everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute to the development of certification for interpreting educators.
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Proceedings of the 2018 Biennial Conference

Reaching New Heights in Interpreter Education: Mentoring, Teaching & Leadership