Kimberly Hale
by Kimberly Hale
Director of Publications and Research
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Hello! It’s great to see all of you! Looking back on our last conference, I truly enjoyed my time spent there, and I hope you did as well.
Today I want to talk with you about 2 of your member benefits – the Conference Proceedings and the International Journal of Interpreter Education (IJIE). . The proceedings were distributed during our conference. As members, you can access all current and past publications on the member’s area of the website. The two newly appointed editors of the IJIE are working diligently to provide you with a top quality issue in May. I am really looking forward to it, and I will announce when the journal is ready to be distributed.
As you may know, both publications are copyrighted. I have had members and non-members request permission to use our publications. Sometimes a request comes for distribution in an academic setting. While this use falls under the Fair Use provisions of copyright laws, it is still important to request permission and wait for approval, which is promptly granted.
In addition to academic use, requests to distribute articles during training and workshops also occur. Workshop requests fall into two broad categories, those workshops that are freely offered and those workshops that charge a fee.
Historically, CIT has granted permission to use articles to all requestors. Recently, as we have reviewed our members’ benefits, we are not sure that such generous approval policies best fit the wishes of the CIT constituency. The board would like to know your thoughts. Do you believe we should continue approving requests to share our materials, or would you prefer we establish a stricter policy? We want to protect your benefits regarding the use of these materials and keep track of how this information is being used, but we also want to share our research with partners in our field. Some ideas the board has considered include charging a fee for use in “for profit” workshops and possibly a different fee scale for use by non-profit workshop providers.
The board would greatly appreciate your feedback! Please contact me at with either a written or signed email of your comments, questions, and/or concerns regarding how our copyrighted materials should be distributed in the future.
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to let you all know how much I enjoy serving this board, and I am looking forward to what we can do together in our future endeavors. Thank you and I will see you next quarter!
Addendum: That I neglected to mention in my signed report, author themselves also contact us for use of their articles (including distributing to colleagues and posting on web-based services such as Please include your thoughts regarding these uses as well.
Translation provided by Ashley Coale, Carli Heckaman, and Allie Fowee with assistance from the author.