Kimberly Hale
by Kimberly Hale
Director of Publications

English Version

As you remember, Jemina Napier stepped down as editor from the International Journal of Interpreter Education.  George Major and Ineke Crezee assumed a co-editorship late this summer. Due to the considerable time involved in putting each issue of the IJIE together, the first issue for the new team will be published in May 2015.  A Fall 2014 (November) issue will not be published.
In lieu of the IJIE, your scholarly reading appetite can be satisfied this fall with the proceedings. Our proceedings editors, Dani Hunt and Sarah Hafer, have been working diligently editing 19 articles, although it does not represent each conference presentation it is an increase from our most recent conference proceedings. The increase is due in part to the expectation that every presenter to submit an article, and the pre-conference due date.  It is always difficult to collect articles from presenters after the conference.  The proceedings will be ready for your arrival at the conference.
We met our goal of providing a timely publication with more articles than recent proceedings; unfortunately, we did not met our goal of publishing a bilingual proceedings.
The board and I are disappointed that there were no ASL submissions to the proceedings. For the board, accessibility was not the primary goal of a bilingual proceedings format. We view the production of an ASL-and-English volume as tangible evidence of the organizational commitment the vision of CIT, specifically bullet two.

Recognize that language rich environments in signed language are vital to linguistic and cultural exchange, transmission and preservation of American Sign Language and the building of dynamic multi-cultural and bi-cultural community relationships. CIT, 2013

In addition to supporting our vision, member sentiment seemed to indicate a desire for bilingual publications. During a member forum regarding the establishment of the journal (Puerto Rico conference) members indicated the desire to have the new journal offer both ASL and English articles. The bilingual-edition proceedings publication was the next step in exploring how to make signed articles a reality in the IJIE.
I look forward to discussing bilingual publications with you further in the coming months, especially at the conference. Please share your ideas regarding the language of the proceedings and distribution timeline of the proceedings.