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Kimberly Hale headshot wearing CIT shirtby Kimberly Hale
Director of Publications and Research

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Hello CIT Members!
I’m here in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky…I’m lucky it is near my home. The board has been meeting here for the last several days and I look forward to seeing you here at the Conference in October.
During this on-site board meeting we have worked diligently on the strategic plan and the Policy and Procedures manuals to update those documents.
I have important bits of information to share with you. First, I hope you continue to enjoy and appreciate the articles published in the International Journal of Interpreter Education (IJIE). I did want to ensure that you are all aware that after some deliberation the board has decided to discontinue the printed version of the journal. The journal will still be accessible in electronic format via the member’s area of the website and to our subscribers. You will also be permitted to print a copy for your personal use. Library subscribers will have permission to print a copy for their collections as well.
Related to the IJIE’s access, I know that academics in our field have at times been frustrated by the lack of ability to easily search the IJIE for content. When using your institution’s library academic database searches it does not pull in IJIE content. I have contacted several database providers to determine how we can get our journal included in their database search systems. This will make the authors’ contributions to our field more easily accessible. I will keep you updated progress on this project.
The journal has a rolling submission system; so, please consider submitting your own research for publication. Dissertation abstracts are welcome as are reviews of other published materials. All submission information is easily accessible on our CIT website (
As always, CIT will continue to publish a Conference Proceedings. You may have noticed the recent call for proceedings editor(s). I solicited applications from interested parties. Information from interested individuals was submitted to the board for review. The board has appointed a team of 3 to co-edit the 2016 Conference Proceedings. Drs. Miako Rankin, Mary Thumann, and Risa Shaw have been appointed. The proceedings will be distributed via our typical electronic means (not in print format).
Finally, I want to encourage you to consider submitting an article for CIT News. Some people may be intimidated by the formal process and writing required for the IJIE, but you still have valuable information to share with the field about teaching approaches and so forth. Please consider submitting an article to me ( I may suggest minor revisions, but usually articles are accepted as is. We also encourage you to submit your article in ASL. We do have an international readership; so, we like to have articles published in sign and in English. We can assist in finding solutions to creating the English version of articles as needed. So, please submit articles!