Jeremy Rogers headshot wearing CIT shirtby Jeremy Rogers
Director of Public Relations & Outreach

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English Translation

Hello! I have a brief message regarding Public Relations & Outreach
Lately, I have been working on developing forms for sponsorships, advertising, and vendors/exhibitors for our CIT 2016 conference next year.
The sponsorship form allows for you to choose from a variety of sponsoring options; for example, you can choose to host the banquet, sponsor the festivities, or sponsor any of our guest speakers.
Next is the option to advertise in the program book. There are three options:

  1. full page,
  2. half-page, and
  3. quarter-page.

Lastly is the option for vendors and exhibitors. If you are interested in setting up a booth at the CIT 2016 Conference to showcase your products, sell merchandise, etc. that would be great!
If your college/university, company, or organization interests to sponsor any of the categories mentioned, please contact me at