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by Jeremy Rogers
Director of Public Relations & Outreach
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Hello, my name is Jeremy Rogers and I am the Director of Public Relations and Outreach for CIT. Right now is a very exciting time as there are several upcoming conferences in the near future; I would like share some information about them with you.
Firstly, CIT is eagerly awaiting the sponsorship of Street Leverage Live – 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts. CIT President Leslie Greer will be in attendance and will be presenting there as well. If you are attending, look for CIT’s booth for more information and announcements. Also look for our Facebook and Twitter feeds, as we will be updating periodically.
Secondly, we are thrilled to sponsor the first National Deaf Interpreter Conference. Congratulations to conference co-chairs Jimmy Beldon and Janis Cole, as well as their committee members! The conference itself is a Deaf Space, which is outstanding! I would also like to announce that Carole Lazorisak, Director of Professional Development, and CIT President Leslie Greer will be joining the conference as presenters. Again, be sure to look for our Twitter and Facebook feeds, as we will be updating during the conference.
As for the last two conferences, the CIT Board and I are currently working toward developing our sponsorship agreement. ASLTA’s 8th Biennial National Professional Development Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota is from June 24th to 27th; this means that once the National Deaf Interpreter Conference concludes, participants have the phenomenal opportunity to attend the ASLTA conference immediately afterward.
Lastly, the RID National Conference of 2015 will be hosted in New Orleans, Louisiana from August 8th to 12th.
I hope you will join us in supporting these wonderful conferences. Thank you!