Julie Simon
by Samond Bishara, Director of Public Relations and Outreach



English Version

Greetings to fine members of CIT!
It is my first time report to the professional organization and I am truly honored.  The CIT board asked me to assume the position of the Director of the Public Relations and Outreach and I accepted.  They quickly gave me the shoes and when I tried them on, shockingly, my feet were and are that small!  I had to walk with the huge shoes like a penguin.  I hope that my feet will grow quickly… wait a minute, shall I order smaller shoes that will fit mine?
In the previous report by Jimmy Beldon whom I assume the position from, he mentioned the exciting news about the strategic plan.  It has been distributed to few board directors and they are still working on it.  Meanwhile, I was exploring my duties as defined in the by-laws and the increase of the diversity is one of them.  Out of the curiosity, I asked the board for the demographic so that I could look at the better picture of the CIT’s diversity.  Unfortunately, they don’t have it.  After some discussion, we agree that we will send out the demographics survey to CIT members.  If they don’t feel comfortable sharing their background, it is understandable.  If they don’t mind sharing their background but wish to remain anonymous then it is all right.  However, it would be difficult for me to recruit people without the gatekeeper.   With the gatekeeper, my job as a recruiter will be much easier.
I sincerely thank you for your time reading this report.