Carole Lazorisak headshot wearing CIT shirtby Carole Lazorisak
Director of Professional Development

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Greetings!  Happy Holidays to everyone! It is a good time to sit back and reflect all your accomplishments you have made during the year of 2015, and look ahead for amazing accomplishments that will be made in 2016!
My past work during the 2015 was focused on the Conference planning, and working with KY conference planners.  The Conference, Out of the Gate – Towards the Triple Crown, will be held in Lexington, KY October 26-29, 2016.  Here are some highlights:
1. Hotel and location is an ideal place for us to convene and share/brainstorm ways on how to enhance our work.  There are many wonderful restaurants, stores and sites surrounding the hotel. Hotel staff are warm and friendly.  Please make your travel plans, and book a hotel room!
2. Announcements will be made in January: Conference Registration, Call for Presenters and four Key Presenters.  Please be on the lookout.  Check CIT website.
3. Pre-conference is in its planning stage, and will be ready to be announced in January!
In the meantime, have a most wonderful holiday season.  Enjoy time with your families, friends and CIT members!  Reflect and look toward the future!