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Jeremy Rogers headshot wearing CIT shirtby Jeremy Rogers
Director of Public Relations & Outreach

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English Translation

Hello! My name is Jeremy Rogers, Director of Public Relations & Outreach for CIT.
I am so excited for our upcoming conference this October in Lexington, Kentucky! Lexington is a beautiful city full of rich culture, history, and delicious food! I am very much looking forward to gathering together and meeting with interpreters, educators, researchers, workshop presenters, and mentors. Together we can brainstorm, sharing information, ideas, and engage in dialogue. This really fits the theme of our conference, “Research, Learn, & Collaborate.”
A couple of notes regarding the conference:

  1. Over the past few months sponsorship packets have been sent out; we will continue to follow up on this. If you are interested in sponsoring CIT, contact me at pro@cit-asl.org.
  2. We recently uploaded a call for volunteers to the CIT website. We are seeking two groups of individuals: current interpreting students who are interested in being a part of running the conference and supporting CIT and the local Kentucky Deaf community. CIT strives to develop a steadfast partnership with the local Deaf community, as well as the Deaf community at large.

If you have any questions, please contact me at pro@cit-asl.org. I look forward to meeting you all there in Kentucky!