Leslie Greer headshot wearing CIT shirtby Leslie Greer
CIT President

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Today is we are halfway through the summer season. Soon, we’ll be into fall, or the start of school!
First of all, I would like to talk about Street Leverage last April. I wanted to let you know that I was not able to attend and give my presentation at Street Leverage in Boston due to being seriously ill. However, Street Leverage will be in touch to arrange giving my presentation sometime in next year. I encourage you to watch Street Leverage’s (SL) series via SL’s website or Facebook.
Carole Lazorisak and I attended the Deaf Interpreter Conference in Minnesota. The conference was a huge successful!! Words cannot describe how amazing it was! It was truly awesome. The total registrants for the Deaf Interpreter Conference were 208 individuals. Carole and I gave two presentations regarding our research and CIT. We surveyed several registrants about CIT and noted some important remarks, which we will bring to the attention of the CIT Board to address their concerns. These remarks came from Deaf interpreters’ perspectives of CIT so we will follow up with their concerns. I am glad that CIT sponsored this amazing conference. Carole recorded a video clip while I was onstage giving the CIT Sponsorship Message that CIT is in full supportive of the Deaf Interpreter Conference. [Video clip embedded in ASL version.]
It is nearly time for me to fly Istanbul, Turkey for WASLI. WASLI stands for “World Association of Sign Language Interpreters” and brings interpreters from countries across the globe to confer. I will participate in workshops, meetings and discussions to gather information for you. I film vlog messages and email them to Jeremy Rogers who will then upload them to CIT’s Facebook page.
In August, the RID conference will be held in New Orleans! Vice President Jimmy Beldon and Secretary Jessica Bentley-Sassaman will attend the RID conference as CIT representatives.
Doug Bowen-Bailey recently emailed you about the themes for our CIT News. If you want to write an article for CIT News, go ahead! If you write an article but do not want to use ASL, you can ask a CDI or DI to translate it for you. CIT News is really yours! I want your articles on research, curricula, etc. to share with us, and our members at large. We appreciate unity.
Enjoy the end of your break, as it is soon time to resume your work.