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English Translation:

Hello! Earlier this year, the CIT Board members and I gathered in Kentucky to work on the 2016 CIT conference. We did not complete our short and long term Strategic Plans; we will get meet again in Kentucky to finish the short and long term Strategic Plans during the last week of March and first week of April. If we are unable to progress through them fully, we will continue to work on them into the summer before sending them out to you, CIT members. This will give you an opportunity to read through the plans before the conference; during the conference you will have a chance to see the presentation and give us feedback and/or corrections before the new CIT Board members take over for the next term.
I would like for you to be on the lookout for Kellie Stewart’s message. It is very important as it applies to voting on the new Bylaws. When the Bylaws pass, it will impact documents such as the PPM, Conference Planning Guidelines, as well as others. If the new Bylaws do not pass, we cannot change the original documents.
Good news! Carole Lazorisak will make an announcement about the 2016 Conference Keynote, Plenary, and Endnote Speakers. We will post the speakers’ biographies sooner than expected. You should register as soon as possible, the registration form will be posted this month! Be sure to register early and also make your hotel reservations!
I am a bit disappointed because I have been asking you for some time for your involvement with CIT News to share your input, articles, or VLOGs, but nobody has submitted anything yet. I wonder if it is worth continuing CIT News or not? I really need your input.
WAIT WAIT….HOLD ON…I will be right back. Hey, what’s up???
The CIT Board members and I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and be safe! Enjoy your holidays! See you next year, 2016! ALOHA ALOHA, I am off to my vacation.