Leslie Greer
by Leslie Greer
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Hello, and happy Spring! I am so excited for the lovely flowers blossoming about and the trees beginning to bloom! I will be flying to Boston for StreetLeverage Live 2015 to represent CIT, as well as present on the gap between graduation and gained experience; I will also touch on curriculum design.
During the last week of this April, the CIT Board will travel (flying and driving) to Tucson, Arizona where we will stay at Cindy Volk’s house (in order to save CIT’s budget). We have invited Doug Bowen-Bailey to train us in using online the database, as well as other topics. We will then turn our attention to developing the strategic plans. On Saturday evening, all of us will attend a performance at the Arizona School for the Deaf/Blind to show our support; this is the perfect opportunity to uphold CIT’s mission statement that we, CIT, support the Deaf community.
It is my pleasure to offer my congratulations to the first National Deaf Interpreter Conference. Carole Lazorisak and I will be presenting there. I will comment on CIT as an organization while Carole will present on how to use curricular resources through CIT’s and NCEIC’s websites.
I have exciting news to share with you! The WASLI (World Association of Signed Language Interpreters) Conference in Istanbul, Turkey has invited me to attend as CIT representative. In attending, I aim to show that Deaf individuals can become President of and run an organization such as CIT. While there, I will take some photos and video recorded interviews which will be shared through Facebook and Tweets; look for me there!
RID’s conference will held in New Orleans, my parents’ hometown growing, I am so excited! I strongly believe that CIT Board members are a team as well as a family. It is typical for an organization’s president to attend conferences as a representative, but I have decided to turn this opportunity over to the Board to attend the conference as CIT representative and offer our support to RID. RID and CIT are still in the process of working on our MOU [Memoriam of Understanding] #2. If you recall, we signed the MOU with RID at CIT’s recent conference. RID and CIT will develop and sign a second MOU at the RID conference. Once everything is in order and has been finalized, the MOUs will post on the website permanently.
I would like to remind you to start saving money! Now, why is that? For the 2016 CIT Conference in Lexington, KY! The conference will be held from October 26 to 29, 2016! I encourage you to start budgeting for this coming conference.
I am still sad that no CIT members have sent me their pictures from 2014 CIT conference in Portland. I really hope that you still send me your pictures so I can post them on our website for all to see. First of all, I would really like to thank Susie Bishara for volunteering as photographer in Portland and I will be posting her pictures on our CIT website; take a look! I do hope that you will send me your pictures to be added to the website. Please include the name of whoever took the photos so they can be credited.
And to all of you, enjoy the last of this semester and/or quarter. Try not to stress too much, relax a bit. Of utmost importance are the interpreting students, our future.
Thank you.
Translation by: Leslie C. Greer and Jeremy Rogers