Leslie Greer

President’s Report

by Leslie Greer


English Version

Aloha CIT members.
I realize I should be wearing solid colors, but I’m in my vacation clothes for Spring Break. I’m here taking in the beauty of Hawaii. Anyway, here’s my report.
A few weeks ago, I attended the VRSII Symposium on critical thinking. Sharon Neuman Solow, Carol Patrie, and Marty Taylor did an excellent job presenting and facilitating a discussion on the topic. During the time there, Jimmy Beldon, and Jessica Bentley-Sassaman were able to ask the attendees whether or not they were CIT members. Most were already members, and of the few who weren’t, almost all of them joined on the spot. So, I want to thank Jessica, our Membership coordinator, for a job well done. We did a have a raffle for one free membership. To see who the winner was, see Jessica’s membership report.
I also want to report that the board voted to provide sponsorship for Doug Bowen-Bailey, our webmaster, to attend the Critical Link conference in Canada. He will be sharing some insights from his time at that conference with CIT members.
Carole Lazorisak, Kellie Stewart, and myself are workingon revising the conference planning manual. There is a lot of work needed to make it conform with our bylaws, but we almosthave a manual that will be much more helpful for the planning teams working on our next conferences in Portland, OR and in Kentucky.
I hope to see you all in Portland.