Leslie Greer

by Leslie Greer

Hello CIT members,
The Fall season has already arrived!! The summer seemed a bit too short for us educators!
Last summer, Carole Lazorisak and I attended the ASLTA’s 7th Conference at the same hotel where CIT hosted their 19th conference, in Charleston, NC.  We met many people there and we educated them about CIT as an organization.  There were many misunderstandings about CIT.  They assumed that CIT was for hearing teachers only.  The ASLTA Luncheon was sponsored by CIT and the ASL Honor Society.  I gave a presentation at the luncheon to encourage them to become involved and work with CIT members in their hometown.  It was a success. The next conference will be held in Minnesota in 2015.
ASLTA Banquet
Photograph by Patricia Beech
I want to thank the Philosophy committee (Carla Mathers, Carole Lazorisak, Lynette Taylor, Damita Boyd, Nigel Howard and Sharon Neumann-Solow) for completing their work on our new Mission and Vision Statements.  Now we have these statements in two languages, ASL and English, on our CIT website.
I am thrilled to share with you that CIT, founded in 1979, will celebrate its 35th anniversary (Coral or Jade) next year!  I want to thank all of you for your support and honoring the spirit of CIT!  I will post the interview soon and I encourage you to watch it.  The interview discusses the founding of CIT and her experience in the processing with CIT.  Also, the next conference will be our 20th Conference.  There is some new information to share with you.  The registration fee will include the banquet.  The reason for this is because I want you to join us to celebrate our “Coral or Jade” 35th Anniversary.  We will also have  a special offer for you: the first 35 members to register will get a discounted registration fee.  After the 35th member, there will be a three-tiered registration fee layout. Samond Bishara will post monthly reminders regarding the registration fee.
Have a wonderful Harvest Holiday!