Leslie Greer
by Leslie Greer, President

English Translation

Hello! This summer many of you attended conferences, RID regional conferences, NAD conferences and several others which I hope you enjoyed. I was recently on vacation travelling the country, and while driving I began to notice “preservation” everywhere! For example, old houses left untouched to preserve history, local landmarks and old school houses complete with bell towers, all for the sake of preservation. I began to think about this and you might wonder what I’m talking about. George W. Veditz, a very famous NAD president once filmed a presentation in 1913 entitled “The Preservation of Sign Language.” That message really impacted me. These old houses, landmarks and schools all strongly represent preservation. A woman, name Lottie Riekonhof, a historical interpreter, first began teaching interpreting courses at Central Bible College in 1948 and later began teaching for-credit courses. That right there is preservation. The preservation of interpreting! We are thankful to Lottie and George W. Veditz for stressing the importance of preservation. Now I’d like to ask you a favor. If there are any historic pictures of you teaching interpreting or ASL, or any other subjects for that matter, please send them to me. We will be using these photographs to create a slideshow to be shown at the CIT conference to showcase our own preservation. Remember, preservation is very important in our lives and for the benefit of our students.

Why is preservation important to CIT?

CIT is celebrating its 35th anniversary and you are part of this preservation as well! Please send your photos to me at president@cit-asl.org. Thank you!