Jimmy Beldon

Director of PR and Outreach’s Report

by Jimmy Beldon


PR & Outreach Report

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I have been hard at work on the efforts of public relations and outreach. We have also been working on our next 5-10 year strategic plan. I have also been looking at the results from past surveys to make sure that your opinions are included in planning for my work with public relations and outreach.
One area that was identified as a weakness was the communication as well as being present with our partner organizations, whether they are focused on interpreting, Deaf people, or other diverse groups.
I also really want to reach out to build our membership past our traditional core of educators who teach in interpreting programs. We also need to realize that ASL teachers are part of the pipeline of interpreters and have valuable perspectives for CIT. As well, many colleges and universities aren’t aware of what CIT has to offer. In the future, we may want to develop position papers related to different topics, such as working in K-12 settings. To make that happen, I need to make sure that we are able to include all the experience and knowledge of the membership.
Look for more information to come in the future.

An Interview with Dr. Nancy Amann

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JB: I’m Jimmy Beldon, CIT’s Director of PR and Outreach with an interview, but let’s have our guest introduce herself.
NA: Hello, I’m Nancy Amann.
JB: Let’s start by finding out why you are here.
NA: I’m here to work with the CIT Board who has really proved to be a great group. My role here has been to facilitate work on strategic planning and getting a plan ready to be in place that will guide the organization from 2015 onward.
JB: We have done a lot of work and it has been very exciting. We are grateful for Nancy’s guidance in the process. Nancy, can you share any insights or impressions you have had from this work?
NA: The board really has wonderful energy and chemistry, as well has come up with excellent ideas. On the first day, it was clear to me that the board didn’t really know each other well ~ and that people really had diverse backgrounds and experiences that they brought to the table. And with all the diverse perspectives, everyone had a vision for how CIT can grow and expand. For me, it really reinforced that CIT is one of the most important organizations in this field.
JB: Do you have any feedback you would like to share with the CIT membership about this planning process?
NA: I think it is very important for the membership to be involved in the planning. Members, which can be individuals or organizations, don’t have to wait to share with each other when the conference takes place. They can be involved at the planning stage, too.
JB: Thank you for your time. See you later.