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Jeremy Rogers headshot wearing CIT shirtby Jeremy Rogers
Director of Public Relations and Outreach

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Hello! My name is Jeremy Rogers, the Director of Public Relations & Outreach for CIT. I am back in Lexington, Kentucky where this year’s CIT conference will be held.
This past weekend, the CIT Board flew in to meet and discuss the conference preparations, the PPM, and finalizing the strategic plans. Myself, Kellie Stewart, and Kimberly Hale made revisions to the five and ten-year strategic plans; soon, these revisions will be sent out to the members as a survey so that they may have the opportunity to prioritize goals for CIT to focus on in the next two years.
In the last few months, the CIT President and myself have sent out sponsorship packets, as well as exhibitor and vendor information. We will continue sending these out in the near future, so be on the look out for these emails. While discussing conference planning, an idea came up that you will see posted to Facebook soon. We would like to poll the members and get an idea of who might be interested in participating in this particular activity!
I am looking forward to continuing planning the conference, and if you have any feedback or ideas to share, please send them to me via email at
Also, I will be posting some videos and photos of downtown Lexington near the conference center so you can get an idea of what to expect here this October. I’m looking forward to meeting you all at this year’s CIT conference; see you soon!