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Carole Lazorisak headshot wearing CIT shirtby Carole Lazorisak
Director of Professional Development

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I’m Carole Lazorisak, CIT’s Director of Professional Development.
Here’s a report on our wonderful conference that occurred in Lexington, Kentucky.  We had 252 conference attendees, 19 people who registered for just a day, and 59 people who attended the pre-conference.  So, overall the attendance numbers were good.
The content of the conference was excellent.  Presentations were interesting and informative and provided such a great forum to share all this wonderful knowledge.  We also had a really diverse group of attendees.
Kudos to the folks from Kentucky who worked so diligently to coordinate everything on site.  The next conference will be taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah.  So, start planning to attend.  Maybe you can even be one of the presenters.
In 4 years, Minnesota will host the CIT conference – as they won the vote to be the location for 2020.
I want to thank all of you for your support over the past two years in my work.  I am grateful to the CIT board as well as membership.  CIT is such a unique organization and we really need to promote our work as a forum for trainers, educators and researchers to share with each other.  So, please help bring other people into the CIT fold and make our conferences grow – as well as the connections that we make between conferences.
So, again, thank you for the opportunity to serve the past two years and I look forward to what comes in the next two.  Have a wonderful holiday and celebrate with your family and friends.
All my best.