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The CIT Board of Directors has voted to allow open access to the International Journal of Interpreter Education.  One of the editors, Ineke Crezee, shared that having restricted access to the journal limits the number of citations that articles receive – and thus decrease the ranking of the journal in academic circles.  By providing open access, the information authors share will have a much wider audience.  Additionally, we believe that these articles will be cited more frequently and the stature of the IJIE and subsequently CIT will rise.
Additionally, this will reduce the administrative load for providing access to journal subscribers. We hope that we will be able to use the saved time to provide online discussions with authors that can provide an engaging and informative experience in between CIT conferences.  Look for more information about those possibilities coming in the future.
So, check out the latest volume IJIE – all of the volumes are available both online and PDF.  More importantly, share this announcement with a colleague so they can see some of the fabulous resources that CIT helps to bring to the field.