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CIT Face to Face Board Meeting
Lexington, KY
October 24, 2016
CIT face to face board meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm Eastern time by President Greer.
Present: Leslie Greer, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Patricia Lessard, Carole Lazorisak, Jeremy Rogers, Kellie Stewart, Kim Kurz
Excused Jimmy Beldon
The meeting began with a discussion of the PPM. Individual members began to work on the PPM
Each Board member revised their section of the PPM then reviewed the document. Changes were made to update the PPM to be current with today’s standards. This document is a work in progress and we hope to complete it soon.
Meeting adjourned by President Greer at 7:40 pm Eastern.
CIT Face to Face Board Meeting
Lexington, KY
October 25, 2016
CIT face to face board meeting was called to order at 8:45 am Eastern time by President Greer.
Present: Leselie Greer, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Patricia Lessard, Carole Lasorisak, Kellie Stewart, Kim Kurz
Excused Jimmy Beldon and Jeremy Rogers

  1. All board members worked on their PowerPoint Presentation for the CIT Business Meeting on Friday October 28, 2016.
  2. The online motion form for members to submit motions was requested to be opened.
  3. The Board members chose who would introduce each speaker for the conference sessions.

Recess for lunch at 12:00 pm back a 1:16 pm
ASLTA sponsored CIT’s conference in the amount to $1,000.
Will continue to work on partnership with CCIE.
Vice President: not present – no report
Approval of September 2016 meeting minutes KK CL
Review of Action items
December meeting date – December 21 at 7:00 pm eastern
Wells Fargo:   checking — $97, 797.79
savings —   $88, 250.97
Pay Pal:  $107, 254.19
Communication/Technology and interim Publications:
Upgraded the database
Posted bio on the CIT website
Proceedings for the conference
The proceedings are due February 1, 2017 and if they submit on time will get                   $100. The editors will be contacting the presenters to let them know about this                        date and incentive.
A video was sent out to the members about the conference proceedings.

Full 286
Associate 45
Retired 8
International 54
Institutional 15
Totals 408

Public Relation and Outreach:
Exhibitors set up and items for the conference bags
Will contact Brandon about the interviews with recent graduates
Prof. Development:
In the midst of the final conference preparations
Meeting adjourned at 2:30 pm Eastern by president Greer.
CIT Face to Face Board Meeting
Lexington, KY
October 30, 2016
Meeting called to order at 9:15 am by President Greer
Present: Leslie Greer, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Patricia Lessard, Carole Lazorisak, Jeremy Rogers, Kellie Stewart, Kim Kurz, and Jimmy Beldon

  1. Each board member shared their experiences during the conference so we could discuss feedback for improvement
    1. Kim – great presenters, great networking, good lighting for the audience to see the presenters. Improvement: a few presenters commentated that they have research they wanted to present, but were not selected/invited (this is on the conference committee). Need more time for the PPT to be on the screen for the keynote, plenary, and endnote. Perhaps add a third screen. which had a paper program book. Or post “sponsored by” around the room so people can see.  Overall: good
    2. Jeremy – meeting new people. Improvement: more time in the schedule for extended breaks. There was nothing ready for the poster sessions, we need to improve our communication. There was no clear guideline of the poster sessions. Overall: it was manageable
    3. Kellie – great conference, a lot of options. improvement – the Japanese interpreters should be moved closer to where the action is, so they are not isolated from the group. Or have better lighting for them. We need to show good relations such s with the poster sessions how do we help them to make sure the communicant is clear so they don’t waste money. Overall good
    4. Carole – more Deaf people and Deaf interpreters came and it was a success. Challenge – communication with the conference committee. Overall: interesting
    5. Patty – feels great – too many good workshops, still felt hungry for more. Improvement: hard to predict which workshop will be popular and which will not be so room size to accommodate more popular workshops or have people pre-register. Overall: good
    6. Jessica – great conference great workshops. No eating during the workshop and set up a first timer’s reception. Videos to be tested during business meeting Overall: good
    7. Jimmy – there was a lot of discussion related to the workshops outside of the workshops and many things learned tied into other things. Improvements: as an interpreter coordinator, feel that there was not the use of the hearing interpreters that there needed to be. In the future 4 DI for each workshop for copy signing. Need to communicate with the presenter about the use of the CDI/DI students for copy signing. Also need better screening for the selection of the students. Should have 4 students for 4 CDI mentors. Overall: successful
    8. Leslie – VIP was a success. Improvement cleaning at the hotel is awful. The rooms and temperature was not the best. Many people have allergies so they need clean rooms.
  2. Discussion of making sure that the sponsors and others have more visibility – such as posters or banners around the conference area.
  3. Possible video of the Timber story recorded from youth the senior citizen age to show at the conference.
  4. Will use guidebook for the program book in SLC, Utah
  5. What ideas do we want to see in 2018?
    1. Do not want sponsorship levels -just simply state that they sponsored the conference.
    2. Discussion of international rates for conference registration and a scholarship for international attendees.
    3. Discussion of power and privilege and how we can grow teachers of color.
    4. If someone is sponsored to come from another country, we could video record them giving a presentation of what they do there or even do a presentation etc.
    5. Set up a director for international relations – have this under communications and member relations
    6. If we want to have a diverse conference, we need people of color to advise us as the board is comprised of Caucasian
    7. The program committee can work with the context of people of color and how to group more as well as assisting other counties in developing interpreting programs.
    8. Perhaps setting up a ad hoc committee to look at this – perhaps under one of the board members and the board member is a liaison to the ad hoc committee on diversity/people of color, power and privilege, etc.
  6. We had great feedback from our participants and they really enjoyed the conference and thought he workshop selection were great.
  7. Next meeting Monday, December 19 6:00 pm Easter through online video conferencing.
  8. We need to complete the PPM we need to work on cleaning it up and revising it.

Meeting adjourned by President Greer at 11:20 am.