CIT Online Meeting
October 2, 2018
Time: 4:30 PM PST, 5:30 PM MST, 6:30 PM CST & 7:30 PM EST
President Greer called the meeting to order at 4:35 pm pacific

  1. Roll Call; Leslie Greer, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman; Kim Brown-Kurz, Carole Lazorisak; Janis Cole
    1. Excused absent: Sarah Wheeler; Patty Lessard
    2. Absent: none
    3. Guest: none


  1. Minutes approval
    1. Minutes
      1. September 18, 2018 – approved.


  1. President Greer
    1. Discussion of ASLTA MOU will follow up after the conference with the ASLTA President


  1. Vice President Kurz
    1. All is set for the Mary Stotler award
    2. Discussion of who will present the 4 awards.
    3. There is one nomination for president of CIT and one for Secretary of CIT.
    4. CCIE video is posted on Facebook


  1. Secretary Bentley-Sassaman
    1. Action Items
    2. Discussion of the CIT letter to organizations and the result of that.


  1. Treasurer Lessard

CHECKING: $30,730.00
SAVINGS: $80,841.83
PAYPAL: $210,883
TOTAL: $322,454.83

  1. There is still about $10K coming due in the next week or so for invoices coming in, contracts and airline reimbursements to be made.


  1. Turning Technology charged us the full 100% for the purchase Jay needs for the conference. They were only supposed to charge us a percentage now and the rest later.  Investigating that today.


  1. CIT needs to purchase a virtual terminal through PayPal so that we can accept credit cards payments through state agencies [some schools and universities pay for their staff membership this way]. It should run about $400-500.


  1. Communication Minor
    1. Set up a raffle for the jackets so that way money can be donated to the Deaf Center in SLC.
    2. Three people registered for CIT to have the names in for the raffle
    3. Jackets were shipped and should arrive to SLC in a few days
    4. The camera needs to be shipped to Carolyn, which will happen in the next week.


  1. Professional Development Lazorisak
    1. Reviewed what is needed for the program book
    2. Reviewed airline status as well as registration of the board members
    3. There are 20 interpreters 8 IS interpreters, 8 support interpreters and 4 hearing interpreters
    4. We have 20 international participants coming so far; 8 from Japan 2 from Scotland, 1 from India, 1 from Africa 1 from Pakistan


  1. Publications & Research Wheeler
    1. Excused absent, no report


  1. Public Relations & Outreach Cole
    1. Awards look nice and will be finished by next Wednesday. Janice will bring to CIT


  1. Next Meetings
    1. September and October (biweekly if necessary) 7:30 eastern 4:30 Pacific
      1. October 16th

Meeting adjourned by President Greer at 5:39 pm Pacific.